Contrada S.angelo Di Drapia Vv, Snc
Casale ferro is born from the recovery and restoration of a farm house of 800.

It is located in the Municipality of Drapia on a hill overlooking the seaside town of Tropea, which is only a short drive. Casale is located next to a construction of the first 800, but now reduced to a ruin.

The house is located in "St. Angelo", so known because in ancient times there was the monastery of St. Michael, who later became Basilian monastery.

Surrounded by countryside, with its citrus trees, fig trees, almond trees, olive trees, prickly pear and pomegranate trees, the farmhouse is a perfect place to spend a quiet and relaxing holiday, far from everyday life and it is ideal for those who love reserved places without sacrificing comfort. These characteristics make it particularly suitable for family holidays.

The favorable geographical position makes it an ideal place for walking, cycling or a swim in the beautiful sea of the surrounding area: the white beaches of Tropea, Capo Vaticano and Zambrone.

Most will simply lazy...laze in the garden!
Declared by the Innkeeper