Via Del Canale, 5 - San Lorenzo, CASTELL'ARQUATO (PC)
Palazzo Illica is a 17th century building; with its rectangular plan, built with sandstones and bricks. During 19th century the building was meticulously restored and transformed into villa; it was owned by the Luigi Illica family, a very famous Puccini and Verdi librettist, who called this mansion with his name.

Today Palazzo Illica appears like a closed village due to its rustic outbuildings built during 19th and beginning of 20th century.

Now the property is also the head-office of a orchard, meadow, cereal farm. Its main characteristic is to grow 700 auctochtonal olive trees, which find their optimum cultivation conditions on green and gentle Valdarda hills.

Horse farming belonging to Libro Genealogico of Sella Italiano but also a barbera and bonarda vineyard for production of Gutturnio d.o.p. wine, complete the farm.

The infinite care, patience and love of the current owners maintain intact not only the extraordinary environment, composed by 5 hectares of bay oak, cherry, chestnut and hornbeam wood, but also the historical and monumental park, which surrounded Palazzo Illica.

Extended on 200mq area, the library preserves a cultural heritage composed by 10.000 books
*Declared by the Innkeeper