Via Colle Pietroso, 4 - Boschetto, PRIVERNO (LT)
Suggested to those who feel the need to live an experience of total relaxation and comfort, our structure is part of a fascinating green oasis within the heart of the "Pontine Valley".

Comfort and simplicity - the perfect label for our Bed & Breakfast situated midway between Frosinone and Latina. It is also the ideal place for those who want to quickly reach the beaches such as Terracina, San Felice Circeo, Sperlonga and Sabaudia.

Our 9 rooms guarantee you a comfortable stay within an elegant ambiance, therefore offering our clients the best service created by a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Our rooms include a private washroom equipped with a shower, television and air conditioning (which you can adjust to your own liking).

In the moorning italian breackfast will come offered.

What Surrounds Us
From the SS.156 of the Monti Lepini, after 3 km, you will reach the town of Prossedi (410m): the Baron Castle, church of S. Nicola and S. Agata, and on the facing hillside the town of Pisterzo.

Further down, by turning left, you will encounter Rocca Secca Dei Volsci (376m) on the spur of Monte Curio, central stem of the Monti Ausoni. Its historic center has retained its medieval aspect: the Baron Castle restructured during the 400s and 600s, the barroque church of S. Maria Assunta, and on the outskirts of the village the Temple of S. Raffaele (which contains paintings from the 600s) is situated in the beautiful park.

By returning on the SS.156, it will lead you up to the town on Priverno (151m). Born from the abandonment of Privernum, which surged from the valley, it is important for a series of monuments predominantly created with a local stone: the roman gothic cathedral (XII sec) with the Palazzo Comunale from the XIII century. The churches of S. Giovanni Evangelista (of roman style), of S.Benedetto Abate (IX century with much restructuring), of S.Antonio Abata (XIV sec).

At approximately 10 km appears l'Abbazia di Fossanova: consecrated in 1208 it is the first major example of the gothic style within a medieval village. The church has a beautiful portal, above it an elegant rose window. The inside is divided into three aisles, and contains an attractive cloister, a capitulate room, and a refectory. It is also interesting to visit the Foresteria, where S.Tommaso D'Aquino died, and the ancient infirmary.

Heading towards Latina by taking the SS.156 of the Monti Lepini, you will come across Sezze (319m): impressive walls of the IV century B.C, the Duomo (started during the Roman era and later continued with three aisles of gothic style and modified during the 500s and 600s that led to its orientation being reversed), the Municipal Antiquarian, and its characteristic urban nucleus. In the vicinity of Sezze Scalo there were discovered some prehistoric artifacts: Industria litica del Paleolitico s. (13-18 years) in the Grotta Iolanda; wall graffiti from about 9 to 10 thousand years ago in the Riparo Roberto and paintings in the Grotta Arnalo dei Bufali.

From Sezze, after about 9 km, you will reach Roccagorga (287m). It lies in a panoramic position, on a rocky spur of the Monte Nero and is covered by grape vines and olive trees. The central square of the village is dominated by the Baron Castle. Facing it, the Chiesa dei Santi Leonardo ed Erasmo built in 1773.

Within a few kilometers from Roccagorga up to the facing hill that is the home of Maenza (538m) you will find the dominant Valle dell'Amaseno, that separates the Monti Lepini from the Ausoni. It is a village with very antique origins that contains a square shaped Baron Castle from the XIII century.

The last location on the itinerary, at about 16 km, is Sonnino (430m). It has a very interesting historic center, with a staircase, small streets, thirteenth century Church of San Michele Arcangelo (Sanctuary), and the remains of a castle. From the village, a short walk will lead you to the Voragine Catausa. Also, on the west side of the Monte delle Fate (1090m), in the midst of oak forests and fields of sage, a 'mulattierà (road that is specifically for animals). Beautiful is also the geological area of Camposoriano.

Heading for the seaIt is possible to reach Terracina in about 15 minutes. Terracina offers a variety of activities and services that can accommodate even the most demanding tourist: fully equipped beaches, sports complexes, dance clubs, show displays and many more pass times that will make your stay a pleasant one. Terracina - also known as the "Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Seà.

Easily accessible are also the Parco Nazionale del Circeo, the Costieri Lakes, the Ninfa Gardens, the Parco Europea di Campo Soriano, the Isole Pontine (Ponza and Ventotene), and the lands within that are rich with history and traditions.
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