Contrada Camaro, 32 - FAVIGNANA (TP)
The Oasis, with its rooms and its small apartments (all newly renovated) was born in a luxuriant garden underground. Diet 800 meters from the village, 300 meters from the beach of St. Nicholas, 2 km from Cala Rossa.

Its rooms are colored according to the criteria of Chromotherapy (yellow / purple / blue / orange) and each with its own particular aroma, chosen based on the color of the element that represents the room (air / water / earth / fire).

A new Tropical Bar with Jacuzzi completes the offering excellent breakfasts rich cakes croissants and homemade jams. At 18, the bar is colored with its tasty appetizers.

The OASIS, in everything, offers its guests a holiday of relaxation and nature.

All this, thanks to its family management and the friendliness of its operators.
*Declared by the Innkeeper