Via San Michele 21, 21
Santa Margherita, PULA (CA)
Welcome at our site, from now on you are part of our big family: yuòre welcome!
Soleesale, our bed & breakfast, is nestled among the vineyards of the "Feudi della Medusa" at Santa Margherita di Pula (CA) immersed in a beautiful complex, colorful and welcoming, with a lovely garden, a step away from white sandy beaches and by a crystalline sea.

Dream scenery backdrop to your day!
Framed by enchanting beaches of fine sand, sea and untouched by the charm of a country that combines history, culture, flavors and breathtaking nature, CII will take care of you by offering you an unforgettable stay, by bringing a small slice of Sardinia in your heart.

The B&B Soleesale, located in a quiet and charming, will give you the opportunity to be immersed in nature having sand and sea at your mano. Le Our rooms and accommodation, with all the comforts will let you feel at home "Although a few steps from the beautiful landscapes that tell our beautiful island: archeological sites, local festivals, beautiful beaches, turquoise sea, coves, caves and do not forget the Sardinian cuisine with delicious dishes (cullurgiones, sebadas, gueffus, Porceddu, malloreddus the great breadth of dishes based on fish and so on and so forth..).

We assure you a pleasant and quiet place where fun and relaxation are the watchwords.

The B&B Soleesale and its apartments are born from our dreams for a less chaotic life among nature and quality of time, inexorable, with its scroll reminds us that life is now, to be enjoyed at any time and that the memory of a wonderful holiday lasts forever.
Declared by the Innkeeper