Via San Bartolommeo, 34 - Treggiaia, PONTEDERA (PI)
Treggiaia is an ancient Etruscan-Roman village, set in the Pisan hills of the commune of Pontedera.

With his about 50 inhabitants, many of them coming from the old peasant or artisan families, boasts an atmosphere out of time, an uncontaminated environment and a quiet and relaxing village life, preserved from the more frantic rhythm of the surrounding cities.

The house, property of the Barazza’s family, is the master’s part of an ancient elegant palace of the 17 th century, which was the ancient Counts Passerini’s residence.

Thanks to its position, it dominates the whole enchanting valley which surrounds the village, rich of woods, olive trees and vineyards.

A typical Tuscan rural village, where peace, the warmth of the inhabitants, the flavours and the perfumes, are the gift this land offers to the people who visit it.
*Declared by the Innkeeper