Via Del Pozzo, 40, Civate, 40 - Pozzo, CIVATE (LC)
Our B&B "Al Pozzo" is an resturected old wooden made room. It is situated exatly on the path thath leads to the "Basilica di S. Pietro Al Monte" ( which is a monument considerated a jewel of roman art (X-XI century). The same path leads as well to a famous peak for flying gliders called mount Cornizzolo (

Distant 3 minutes from a rock-climbin site with different levels of difficulty adventure enthusiastic!
Easy are links with Milan, Como, Bergamo, Bellagio, Varenna and with Switzerland.

Just 4km from "Al Pozzo" you can visit an amazing viewd and historical important town named Lecco, a city by the shores of Lake of Como well described in the famous novel of A. Manzoni: "The Betrothed".

A bit of a back round our family..we are a young couple with two children, lovers of mountain and nature.

We grow our own vegetables in our organic garden anda even have 20 goats that helps us to produce a high-quality home made cheese! You will have the change to taste from our country food in the breakfast or just by "going" to our lovely antic restaurant right below tu house..

Hope to see you visiting us!
*Declared by the Innkeeper