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La Tana del Riccio
The Village:
Celano is an old medioeval village having as background the Aquilan Appennines, and situated on the natural platform of the St. Flaviano hill which has dominated for thousands of years the fertile valley of the Fucino. The massive 13th century structure of Castello Piccolomini, amongst the most impressive of southern Italy - as well as being the headquarters of the Museum of Sacred Art of Marsica - imposingly stands out on the fortified nucleus of the village. Walking through the narow stone lanes one sees picturesque churches among which the 16th Century St. Jhon the Baptist Church. At a short distance the Fucino area cantains the archaeological excavation of the national Museum of Preistoria which have brought to light tomb inscriptions and primitive installations on piles af notable interest.

La Tana del Riccio.

Located a few steps from the castle Piccolomini, the Bed & Breakfast La Tana del Riccio offers a splendid view over the valley Fucino.

The original house, dating from the end of the '800, has been carefully restored in 2009 by the competent local workers.

The style:
the stylistic approach is the result of a balanced aesthetic balance between the use of materials typical of traditional rural architecture and aesthetic elements of contemporary design.

Structured on two levels,
La Tana del Riccio offers a comfortable setting that include an entrance hall with comfortable rooms ski rack, a pretty and functional kitchen, a large dining room with fireplace, a balcony that overlooks a beautiful landscape, 4 beds, 2 baths, and a dressing room.

The warmth and relaxation:
hot star of the room on the first level is the traditional brick fireplace.

The dining table wooden serving hatch window and allow you to have fun in the preparation of healthy meals made ??with local produce.

The lounge has a double sofa bed on which you can relax admiring the beautiful landscape of the Fucino plain and the mountains that surround it.

The Silence of the ancient villages:
down to the second level leads to the bedroom, very large and far from city chaos.

In the morning you wake up early caressed by the warm rays of the sun and in the evening you fall asleep under a silent sky.

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In touch with nature:
The evocative Canyons of Celano, well known by trecking enthusiasts, have been formed over thousands of years by washed-away erosion of the Foce Waterfall, originating in Ovindoli.

The canyons are traversable for 5 km in the direction of the Valley of Arano.

The smooth walls which constitute them, at some points rise to a height of 200 metres, and at some points allow the light to infiltrate them.

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La Tana del riccio:
Situated a few steps from the castle, the Bed and Breakfast enjoys a splendid panorama over the Valley of Fucino. The original dwelling, going back to the end of the 800's, was carefully restructurated in 2009 by competent local artisans.

Warmth and Relaxation:
The warm character of the living room, situated on the first floor, is epitomised by the open hearth built in traditional brick.

The wood dining table and the food hatch allows one to have fun while preparing genuine dishes using local products. The dining room consists of a double-bed couch where one can relax and anjoy the splendid scenery of the Fucino plane and the mauntains which surround it.

The silence of the Old Villages:
One second floor is the bed-room, very large and distant from city chaos. In the morning one awakes enfolded by the first tepid sun-rays and the evening one goes to sleep under a silent starry sky.
Declared by the Innkeeper