Località Animalonga, Sn - CROPANI (CZ)
Our Bnb lies in a place called Animalonga, an isle of peace and nature in the rural zone of the Ionic coast, amongst olive trees, grain and prickly pears. Very close to the house is Cropani, a medieval village with ancient ecclesiastical buildings of the period between the XIII century and the Renaissance age. Then, very close as well, there is Sersale which represents the crucial centre of this zone, being the biggest village of the neiborghood. It offers extraordinary sites of naturalistic interest (Campanaro and Crocchio Falls, and the already well-known Valli Cupe Canyon).

The building presents, in addition to the rooms and the bathrooms, a panoramic terrace on the first floor, and a huge hall exposing on the garden and on the Valli Cupe landscape, The available rooms are two; there are totally five bed available.

The place is really quiet and soothing, perfect for a relaxing holiday, in a place where food is simply one of the best things offered. The surrounding garden is disseminated with flowers, making a scented and coloured environment.

Animalonga is arranged in a halfway between the seaside and the Sila National Park. 15 minutes to the seaside, and 20/30 to the mountain. Indeed, it is perfect both for hike lovers and the pure and relaxing sea addicted. The distance from the Lamezia Airport is of 45 km. Some of the best calabrian attractions are here easily reachable. Just half an hour, and it is possible to visit Crotone, ancient city of the Magna Graecia, offices of an important museum, city of Pitagora, and extraordinary example of mediterranean city planning. Few kilometers next Crotone you can find the archaeological site of Capo Colonna and the aragonese fortress in Le Castella (approximately 30 minutes far from our B&B) : in particular, this is the place chosen by Pier Paolo Pasolini to direct his "Il Vangelo secondo Matteo" and by Mario Monicelli as well, to direct his " L'armata Brancaleone".

However, we cannot say here everything. The remaining information will be explained face to face!
*Declared by the Innkeeper