Largo Quattro Novembre, 5
Montevirginio, CANALE MONTERANO (RM)
If you love the countryside, to walk in the woods, to sit by the fireplace in the winther
evenings, to whatch at the fireflies in the summer nights, or just to rest under the oaks shade whatching your children playing around, this is the right place for you.

But is also the ideal place to stay for a period of thermal cares (the termal baths of STIGLIANO are 7 km. far from the Ortensie)or
where to depart to spend a day to the sea or to the lake both far from the Ortensie few
kilometers.During Summertime you can go to the organic vegetable garden and pick what you need for your barbecue.

Under the kiwi pergola you can have barbecue
brunch or dinner, you can rest or play ping pong
Declared by the Innkeeper