Via Mad. Di Fatima, Sn
Immersed in the red land of Salento, among olive trees, Indian figs and fruit trees, situated in a privileged position on a hill, Masseria Uccio enables to enjoy the silence and calm of the countryside.

Entirely realized with local stones, the ancient building shows the signs of the time gone by. A small wooden main door leads to a large quadrangular courtyard from which the places once destined to the farmer’s various activities develop: the rooms where he slept with his family, the stalls, the sheepfolds, the tool-sheds and a kitchen with a large fireplace for the production of cheese. It is an overall harmonious and pleasing building with its rural characteristics, enhanced by the beautiful star and barrel vaults and by the dry walls built with effort by the peasants only with inserted stones.

The farm holidays – bed & breakfast Masseria Uccio is located in Salento, amongst Otranto, Gallipoli and Santa Maria di Leuca. It is a typical rural building in the inland of Salento whose origins date back to the XVII century, with a courtyard which was restructured in full compliance with its origins and the spirit of the place. Deep in the peace and calm of the countryside, it is the ideal place for holidays for people keen on rural tourism, as well as for those who wish to live in full contact of nature and fall asleep in a silence broken by the pleasant singing of crickets and balm. In the morning an agreeable awakening is guaranteed by a rich breakfast made of genuine and homemade products and fruits picked up in the surrounding land the same day. Masseria Uccio is one of the few Masserie in Salento with a view on the sea: the nearest resorts are far three kilometers only, easily reachable by car or, for willing people, by bicycle, gladden by the view of “pajare”, stoned walls and ancient masserie, through several country paths which make up the cycling route around the bed & breakfast.

In addition, its strategic position amongst Otranto, Gallipoli and Santa Maria di Leuca offers the opportunity to smoothly arrive at the most interesting places in Salento, a land full of history, tradition, culture and fragrances.

The rooms, obtained from ambient once dedicated to agricultural activities (the massaro and his family’s house, the stables and the sheepfolds, the storehouse), maintain the architectural forms and the ancient atmospheres of the place. A light renovation intervention enabled to revisit these areas maintaining their ancient essence. The architectural shapes and the geometries of the place have remained unchanged. Everything has been preserved, respected and enhanced. The work carried out by wise local artisans allowed to preserve the fireplaces made of stones, the niches dug-out in the walls, the tanks, the ancient vaults, all witnessing a modest peasant life in a distant past
Declared by the Innkeeper