Piazza Castello, - CHIAVENNA (SO)
The Salis Palace
The Palazzo Salis is located in the north-eastern part of Chiavenna‘s historic centre, on the central Piazza Castello. Its history roots back to the 18th century when it was built by the Salis family from the Grisons as their city residence. Legend says that it was built as a more elegant and decorated contrast to the rather bare Castle Balbiani, which is opposite the Palazzo.

The Palazzo’s principle facade overlooking the garden as well as the sumptuous interiors bear witness to a pure demonstration of rare elegance and ease at the same time. The main part of the villa is represented by a beautiful reception hall which has a rectangular shape and spreads over two floors. Its walls are adorned with mouldings and frescoes offering visitors the possibility to experience a typically Venetian flair.

All the rooms of the palazzo, however, are designed in a Baroque style, kept in green and pink pastel shades, with ceilings richly adorned with Rococo frescoes and decorations. The floors are made of the characteristical stone “pietra ollare” or of marble laid out in black and white checkerboard pattern. A lovely garden with its centuries-old and shade-giving trees complete the unique atmosphere of the Palazzo.

The Bed & Breakfast: charming and enchanting
The Palazzo offers its visitors an unforgettable stay as they are hosted in a plain yet elegant atmosphere: a marble fireplace, antique mirrors and refined decorations create enchanting moments where dream and reality may blur. The rooms have direct access to the garden providing highest liberty and privacy for the guest. The delighting, classical breakfast offering a large variety guests can choose from allows a pleasant start in the day.

A unique and dignifying frame for events
The grand reception hall, which spreads along an imposing balustrade, is an excellent setting for special occasions such as art exhibitions or music events where elegance and atmosphere prevail. The magical atmosphere, which can be breathed in the large spaces of the Palazzo Salis, also creates an enriching and unique surrounding for meetings or conferences, festive receptions as well as for exclusive photo shoots.
*Declared by the Innkeeper