Via Del Duomo, 5 - BARLETTA (BT)
Glamorous, rare and exclusive, this is what makes it unique VinsLounge Bed & Breakfast.

The VinsLounge B & B, set just 15 months after its birth as "Number One" in the tourism hospitality room is located in an ancient palace in Barletta in 1592, makes a fitting tribute to the past which accompanies the opening to the contemporary, the avant-garde design, advanced technology, especially in how to read multiple use of light effects that are not limited to complement the decor, but are a prominent feature, the touch that gives each suite the ability to be comfortable and refined.

Reflections, shadows, shading, light sources and not moving, color flow, fluorescence...all splendid marriage that light up at dusk and only true star of the Old Town, the Vins Lounge B & B.
*Declared by the Innkeeper