Via D.atza, 17
'Domu de Pallà is an confortable B&B which was an old hayloft now resotored.

It's a beautiful cottage situated in our nice village in centre of Sardinia; very cose to the main road of our sunny island.

In ten minutes you can reach the most beautifuls wich they are free, that is you can choise your place where enjoy the sushine and the unpolluted and crystal waters.

those sites are interesting not just for the sight and for the nature but also for the millenary history.

For example: you can visit the tharros reines, which an ancient Pholnician Town.

Than you can visit also Is'Arutas; Mariermi; Maimoni; s'Archittu an natural archway carved from sea waters.

In a few minutes you can visit the 'Roman Thermal baths'
the ancestral Nuraghe Losa, builded about two thousand year ago by the ancient Sardinian people.

And if you are intersted to visit prehistorics cults sites you are very lucky cause in just ten minutes you can reach the famous 'Santa Cristina well'.

Our small nice cottage is a detached house with three comfty bedrooms and three indipendent bathroom; a cosy veranda, on site car parking.

In the veranda or in the dining room you can enjoy a flavour and plantiful breakfast in Sardinian style.

You'll be delighted by the romantic and quiete night and by our friendly family.

The cottage is always very clean and tidy with disinfected sheets, and you can wash your clotheas an liner them an the sushine.

Declared by the Innkeeper