Via Cassia Nord, Km116
This is an Accommodation for Tourist Purpose, or Tourist Lease, a house / an apartment for Rent, placed near to Bolsena, only 3 km far from the city, and only 30 mt far from the pure water of Bolsena Lake.

The last photo (qr code) confirms our official regional authorization for the safeness of the tourist: scan it by mobile phone! The regulars, in Latium Region, have to show it, always.

To rent it it's enough reading this online listing, contacting us by mail, and then accepting and signing the simple written contract for brief tourist rent we will send to you by mail or by fax. Of course the contract includes also an Advance Deposit of 50% of the whole rental fee, Not Refundable; a Balance of 50% of the whole rental fee to be paid by 15 days before the arrival or in exceptional cases to be paid cash at the arrival during the delivery of the keys (in any case Not Refundable after paid); and finally a Security Deposit (Eur 100 per each week rented) to be added cash at the arrival and to be given back to the conductor completely if the house is ok and there are no damages or different problems. In certain cases we don't ask any Security Deposit and in the case of problems or damages the conductor will refund what is dued.

So all works as always whenever someone rents a second house not of residence at the sea or on a lake or near to mountains.

The house will be found by the conductor in good conditions, and cleaned and in order, and it should have given back to locator in the same conditions. The house and its garden have to be rented so as they are, and for what they are: a country house surrounded by wild nature on the beach of a lake, so that for who supposes to call us for help every day for each little mouse, not poisonous little snake, water snake, calabrone, vespa, formica, it's better to stay at his own home, or to rent houses in city centers (like Rome, New York, Berlin, etc.). Thanks.

Please, don't ask for additional services of any kind, because this is a house for rent and NOT a hotel, nor a B&B, nor a holiday house, etc.

The house is provided with: 2 bedrooms, each for max. 1-2 tenants, so the house can hold max. total 3-4 tenants, included eventual children (of any age) in this number; 1 living room with Tv; 1 kitchen enough furnished with basin, oven, cookers, refrigerator, wall units, and, even if not necessary by law, washing machine and dishwashing machine; 1 bathroom with (also) basin, wc, shower 70x90, electrical boiler 50 lt; 1 covered veranda outside. On your demand in advance: double beds or single beds.

And the house is surrounded by a wide around 4. 000 square meters Garden almost completely fenced, of which the owner and landlord reserves only one corner to keep his tools and personal objects if he needs. Some photos were taken before the recent gates and green nets around the garden, other ones are more recent, taken after the new gates and nets, to let you know this additional value.

The house is occasionally rented out and with no entrepreneurial management only during 3-5 hot months of the year (May-September). But the weeks really rented are much less.

Weekly rentals are available, usually at least 14, 21, 28 nights (and 7 nights only when the arrival day approaches or if few days remain), always from Sunday (4. 30 pm or later) to Sunday (1. 30 pm or earlier).

Thanks to beautiful views, extraordinary location, enormous sandy beach (public housing but isolated and not crowded at all) just in front of the house, this is a destination beloved mainly by German and Dutch people but sometimes also by Italian tourists. Foreign people use to rent it much in advance, so if you are interested in renting it remember to move in time, for example since 8th January of the same year.

Regarding eventual Pets (dogs, etc.) we will decide case by case, and however always max. 1 per time.

Regarding Carpfishing, activity with which we have nothing to do, please inquire by apposite authorities before renting the house, about where how if carpfishing is allowed on Bolsena Lake.

Of course the rental fee can change according to many factors: you can contact us for further details and ask.

Tourist Stay Tax for the City of Bolsena (whenever the City decides to include even private Houses for Rent for Tourist Purpose, and not only regional ''touristic structures" like hotels, B&B, holiday houses) : + EUR 1 per person per night (from January 2018), but only for the first 7 nights of the same stay and save for children under 10 y. o. This cost is additional, to be paid only cash the arrival day, and not wanted nor earned by us, but by Municipium / Comune of Bolsena city. You'll pay us and we'll pay the City for you.

Regarding eventual Insurance, regarding Fiscal options, regarding Energetic Certification of the house, you'll find all this already inside the brief contract.

We have always spent our Summers in Bolsena on Bolsena Lake: we hope to give you too memories that will last in time! If you like, contact us for further info.

Accommodation for Tourist Purpose in Bolsena, tourist Lease, first Communication on 11th April 2017 to SUAP of Bolsena City and to Tourist Regional Agency of Latium, in accordance with art. 2, c. 3 of R. R. 8/2015 Region Latium. Real Start: 01st May. Regional ID Code: Num. 797. Tax Num. / Fisc. Code: BRRDVD75H14G148P. The last photo (qr code) confirms our official Regional authorization for the safeness of the tourist: all the regulars, in Latium Region, have to show it! Scan it by mobile phone.

NOTE (in Italian, for Italian Authorities).

La casa oggetto di questa inserzione è un "alloggio per uso turistico" o "locazione turistica" o "locazione breve" ai sensi del D. L. n. 50 del 2017, art. 4, come convertito dalla L. n. 96 del 2017, art. 4, e dell'Allegato 1 detto "Codice del Turismo" del D. Lgs. n. 79 del 2011, art. 53, e NON una "casa vacanza / vacanze" o "holiday home / house" né una "struttura ricettiva" ("affittacamere" o "rooms for rent", "B&B" o "bed and breakfast", ecc.), ai sensi del Regolamento Regionale sul Turismo n. 8 del 2015 e R. R. n. 14 del 2017. Del R. R. n. 14 del 2017 segue semmai l'art. 12/bis che parla appunto di "alloggi ad uso turistico", cioè le locazioni ex Codice Civile ed ex L. 431 del 1998.

Durante la presenza dell'inquilino non vengono da noi svolti servizi aggiuntivi accessori o complementari quali, ad esempio, cambio della biancheria da bagno e da letto, pulizie, somministrazione di cibi e bevande. L'inquilino potrà disporre solo della normale ''dotazionè' della casa.

Ogni utilizzo della denominazione "casa vacanza / vacanze" o "holiday home / house" o "affittacamere o rooms for rent" o "B&B" o "bed and breakfast", o simile, su portali internet non è autorizzato né voluto dalla proprietà, che ne diffida l'attribuzione.

Ecco l'elenco completo dei Riferimenti normativi Statali e Regionali delle Locazioni Brevi (anche) Turistiche: (STATALI) - art. 1, c. 2, l. c) L. 9 dic. 1998 n. 431. - art. 53 Allegato 1 D. Lgs. 23 maggio 2011 n. 79. - art. 4 D. L. 24 aprile 2017 n. 50, convertito poi dalla L. 21 giugno 2017 n. 96. - art. 19-bis D. L. 4 ottobre 2018 n. 113, come "interpretazione autentica" dell'art. 109 TULPS (Testo Unico delle Leggi di Pubblica Sicurezza), convertito poi dalla L. 1 dicembre 2018 n. 132. - D. M. 7 gennaio 2013, riguardo la disciplina del Portale Alloggiati Web. - Circolare Agenzia delle Entrate n. 24/E del 12 ottobre 2017. - Circolare dell'Ufficio per l'Amministrazione Generale del Dipartimento di Pubblica Sicurezza del Ministero dell'Interno del 20 dicembre 2018. - art. 1571 e ss. e 1607 e ss. Codice Civile. - art. 2-bis della Tariffa Parte II del Testo unico delle disposizioni concernenti l'imposta di registro, D. P. R. 26 aprile 1986 n. 131. - art. 3 e 4 D. Lgs. 13 marzo 2011 n. 23. (REGIONALI) art. 2 c. 3 R. R. Lazio n. 8 / 2015, come modificato e integrato dai relativi articoli del Regolamento Regionale del Lazio n. 14 / 2017, anche con l'aggiunta dello specifico nuovo art. 12/bis.

L'ultima foto (qr code) conferma la nostra ufficiale autorizzazione regionale a tutela del turista: scansionala col tuo cellulare.

I nostri dati struttura non possono essere elencati in altri siti internet privati senza il nostro espresso consenso scritto, fatta eccezione per i siti ufficiali istituzionali di Comuni e Regioni.
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