Via Paladini, 33 - LECCE (LE)
The B&B Malìa is located in the seventeenth-century family palace that after 1860 was inhabited by the
Duke of San Cesario, Carlo Marulli, who gathered around himself aristocratic Salento who sighed the
restoration of the kingdom of the Bourbons, by M. Paone, “Lecce elegy of the Baroque”, Congedo Editor.

Laura, an architect, manages it in simplicity and harmony.

The experience of hosting someone is extraordinary, it allows us to know an infinity of different people, every time I welcome someone, a piece of the world enters my house for my part I try to give my guests valuable tips about their travels, if possible I like to provide some really valid indications so that they can have a wonderful holiday, where to go, what to visit, where to sip a glass of wine, rather than enjoying a
dinner, inform them about the various events in the city or in the province, when the sun is too much hot, to
indicate depending on the wind, towards which coast to go, Ionian or Adriatic, which lido to book.

At home I willingly leave books of art, architecture, painting and magazines available to my guests. The Malìa B&B is
part of a late 17th century building located in the historic center, a few steps from the cathedral and a m. 500
from the train station. The bedrooms are all with private bathrooms, the two doubles with four-poster beds
have high vaults m. 5. 50, anywhere Oak parquet flooring and light furnishings. The rooms are clean and
bright. The living room has a vault of two m high stars. 7. 50 a real thrill! I like kindness.
*Declared by the Innkeeper