Via Del Ghirlandaio, 13 - TRIESTE (TS)
The very recently opened B&B “Il Melograno” is located in a warm and welcoming home built in 30’s and completely renovated by preserving distinctive architectural characteristics of that period. The three cozy rooms: "Don’t forget me", "Tulip", and "Lavender", are furnished with care and simplicity. The rooms are new, clean, comfortable, and well equipped with all the modern amenities in order to provide a pleasant and unforgettable stay. The B&B is located close to the central area of Trieste and served frequently by public transportation (busses), which allow easy and rapid transit toward other interesting places of the city. Starting by the heart of the city itself, the wonderful Piazza Unita’ d’Italia with the XIX-century City Hall palace and many others. The city square (Piazza Unita’ d’Italia) is opened directly to the sea exposing a magnificent view rarely found elsewhere. There you can find many popular and elegant cafés, among which the most famous is “Il Caffe’ degli Specchi”.
*Declared by the Innkeeper