Corso Calatafimi, 76 - PALERMO (PA)
Welcome to the heart of Palermo! Our vacation home is situated in a prime location, right in the city center. The house is on the ground floor, offering easy access to all available public transport, making it very convenient to explore the wonders of Palermo and its surrounding areas.

One of the strengths of our house is its proximity to the famous Monreale, renowned for its majestic cathedral and its artistic treasures. With public transport within easy reach, you can be visiting this beautiful location in no time and marvel at its stunning architecture and panoramic views.

In the surroundings of the house you will find several notable attractions. Just a few meters away is the Tukory barracks, for taking part in army selections. Furthermore, the University of Palermo, the Civico, Policlinico and Ospedale dei Bambini hospitals are within easy reach, which can be an advantage for those looking for nearby accommodation for study purposes or medical treatment.

Another advantage is the proximity to the subway, which offers a convenient connection to other areas of Palermo. You can easily reach the famous tourist attractions, shops, restaurants and cafes of the city, completely immersing yourself in the lively atmosphere of Palermo.

Our vacation home is ideal for those who wish to experience the true essence of Palermo, combining comfort, accessibility and a central location. We invite you to experience all this charming city has to offer and retreat to the comfort and tranquility of our cozy vacation rental after a day of exploring. We are certain that you will enjoy your stay and will take unforgettable memories of your holiday in Palermo with you.

The area around Piazza Indipendenza in Palermo is a real cultural jewel, full of attractions, museums and churches of great historical and artistic interest. This place offers a fascinating insight into Palermo's rich history and culture.

Here are some of the main attractions you can visit:
Palermo Cathedral: Located a few steps from Piazza Indipendenza, the Cathedral of Palermo is an imposing religious building that combines different architectural styles, from the Arab to the Norman tradition. Inside, you can admire the majestic altar and the Palatine Chapel, a jewel of Byzantine art.

Palazzo dei Normanni: This splendid palace, located near Piazza Indipendenza, is one of the oldest royal palaces in Europe. Inside, you'll find the famous Palatine Chapel, with its stunningly beautiful Byzantine mosaics.

Antonio Salinas Regional Archaeological Museum: One of the most important museums in Palermo, the Salinas Museum houses a vast collection of archaeological finds, including statues, vases, coins and mosaics from different periods of Sicilian history.

Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti: This charming Norman church, surrounded by a suggestive garden, is characterized by red domes and striking architecture. It is an ideal place to admire art and spirituality.

Palermo Botanical Garden: If you are a nature lover, you cannot miss the Palermo Botanical Garden. This beautiful garden is home to a wide variety of exotic plants from around the world, providing an oasis of tranquility in the heart of the city.

Antonio Pasqualino International Puppet Museum: Unique in its kind, this museum is dedicated to the traditions of puppets in Sicily and in the world. You can discover the history and art behind these fascinating theatrical figures.

This is just a selection of the many attractions you will find around Piazza Indipendenza. Every corner of this area is rich in history, art and spirituality, offering visitors a unique experience in the heart of Palermo.
*Declared by the Innkeeper