Strada Provinciale 53, 115 - PIENZA (SI)
The "Palazzi del Papa" Agriturismo is situated among the gentle hills of Tuscany, specifically in Pienza, the town of Pio II.

Nestled in the uncontaminated setting of Val d'Orcia, characterized by pleasant landscapes and various centers of medieval origin, immersed in the green countryside of the Lucciola Bella Nature Reserve, the farmhouse was built in the 1930s by the Marquis Origo.

The property is owned by the historic Nardi Family, whose roots are deeply embedded in the long history of Tuscan sharecropping, from which they inherited the fundamental values of peasant culture and a strong connection to the land. Alongside the Agriturismo, other core activities of the Nardi Family include the agricultural company, which comprises around 250 hectares of land cultivated with cereals and wheat, 2 hectares of DOC ORCIA vineyards, production of EVO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), and the breeding of Chianina cattle, a prized breed from which the famous "bistecca alla fiorentina" is obtained.

The property offers multiple opportunities for those seeking a stay that combines body care with excursions to art cities, churches, museums, and landscapes that have remained unchanged over time. However, they do not overlook the enogastronomic aspect of a land that has made the world aware of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, wines such as Chianti, Nobile di Montepulciano, Brunello di Montalcino, and foods like "bistecca alla fiorentina" or pecorino cheese.

The property offers its guests various experiences (upon reservation): cooking courses, dinners and tastings, and picnics to savor the typical and genuine Tuscan cuisine, with 0 km products of our own production, from meat to wine, from vegetables grown in our garden to the typical pasta such as Pici and Tagliatelle, exclusively made as tradition has taught the skilled hands of the housewives.
*Declared by the Innkeeper